Fiber optic circulator which has several types?

OF-Link Communications Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in fiber optic passive components. Research on fiber optic products that we are very professional , Fiber optic circulator is a wide range of applications , the function is very powerful , Fiber optic circulator which has several types?

Fiber optic circulator functionality is an excellent candidate for integrating with a transmitter and receiver into a single package. Circulators provide an ideal solution for coupling devices into a fiber optic network without the inherent 3dB loss of an optical coupler. Circulators directional functionality enable simultaneously adding and dropping signals from a fiber as well as coupling other optical signal processing devices.

Fiber optic circulators typically fall into two main classes:

4-port waveguide circulators based on Faraday rotation of propagating waves in a magnetized material, and 3-port “turnstile” or “Y-junction” circulators based on cancellation of waves propagating over two different paths near a magnetized material.

During 2013-2018, the worldwide value is forecast to increase at an average annual growth rate of 6.88 percent. The consumption value is forecast to increase with rising quantity growth partially offset by declining average prices.

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) was the leader in terms of relative market share in 2013 with the consumption value of fiber optic circulators, led by “green-field” telecommunication deployment; the American region (South, Central and North America) was a close 2nd in market share in 2013.

The Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) consumption of fiber optic circulators is forecast to lag behind; growing faster than the American region, and about as fast as the APAC region.

Consumption is based on the geographical (region) location where the fiber optic circulator is first used into a higher-level sub-component, component, or apparatus. All values and prices, are at factory as-shipped levels, and are in current dollars, which include the effect of a forecasted 5 percent annual inflation rate over the forecast period.

3-Port Leads in Fiber Optic Circulator Value – In terms of worldwide consumption value, the 3-Port fiber optic circulators held an 80% market share in 2013.

Telecommunications is set to maintain its dominant market share lead throughout the forecast period. Specialty applications (R&D laboratory, sensors, test equipment, oil/gas, other) are set to maintain the position of second-place.
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