The characteristics of the optical fiber coupler


Fiber Coupler (Coupler), also known as divergence is (Splitter), connectors, adapters, flange, is used to implement optical signal splitter / combiners, SC fiber optic coupler: for SC fiber interface, it RJ- 45 interface looks very similar, but some SC interfaces appear more flat, the obvious difference is the inside of the contacts, if it is 8 thin copper contacts, it is the RJ-45 interface, if it is a copper cylinder is SC optical interface.

Or to extend fiber optic link components, belonging to the field of optical passive components, telecommunications networks, cable television networks, subscriber loop system, the LAN will be applied to. Fiber coupler can be divided into standard coupler (part of the waveguide, double branch, unit 1 × 2, ie the optical signal into two power), direct-attached coupler (connected to the same or different types of fiber optical interface 2 to extend the fiber link), star / tree couplers and wavelength multiplexer (WDM, if the wavelength is a high-density separation, ie a narrow wavelength spacing, belongs DWDM), making way there sintering (Fuse), micro-optical (Micro Optics), waveguide-type (Wave Guide) three, and to a process for producing sintered majority (about 90%). Sintering production method way is to burn two fibers together and melt tension, so that the core polymerization together to achieve light coupling effects, the most important production equipment is the fiber splicing machine, which is an important step, though important step in part by the machine OEM, but after sintering, still people working detection package, and therefore labor costs account for about 10 to 15 percent, moreover artificial detection package must ensure quality consistency, which is when mass production must be overcome, but the technical difficulties of not if DWDM module and optical active components is high, so the initial manufacturers wishing to enter the fiber industry, the majority will be cut from the optocoupler, gross profit in the 20 to 30 percent.

Fiber coupler (Coupler) is also known as the differences (Splitter), connectors, adapters, optical fiber flange, for the realization of the optical signal splitter / combiners, or fiber optic link to the elongate element, which belongs to the passive optical element areas in telecommunications networks, cable television networks, subscriber loop system, the LAN will be applied to. Fiber couplers are detachably (active) connection between the optical fiber and the optical devices, the two end faces of the optical fiber which is the precise docking to the light emitted energy to maximize the optical output coupled to the receiver to the fiber, intervention light and make it so that the impact on the system link is minimized. The waveguide fiber coupler, generally a component having a Y-branch optical signal from an optical fiber input can use it to decile. When the opening angle of the branch line coupler is increased, the light leaking in the clad layer so as to increase the excess loss increased, so that the opening angle of generally less than 30 °, so the length of the waveguide-type optical-fiber coupler can not be too short.

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