The perfect combination of fiber optic and toys

Remote controlled toys can be fun to play with, but do we actually know which is the best one to purchase out of the entire lot? Well, Thinkgeek has an idea, and intends to “sell” that idea to you with the $ 79.99 Multi- colored Fiber-optic LED Quadcopter. This is one unique quadcopter as you can tell from the name itself, as it will feature flying colors, literally, where you can control the entire shebang from a 2.4GHz remote transmitter.

The Multi-colored Fiber-optic LED Quadcopter is a remote controlled toy with fiber optics thrown into the mix, targeting those who are aged 14 and above. In fact, a single touch of a button would enable you to flip this bad boy up to a full 360 °. Apart from that, it will also make use of a 6-axis gyro in order to tell whether it is hovering about on the right side up. The quartet of fiber-optic LED loops add to the entire visual attraction, where it works best in a large indoor room – make sure it is darkened!

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