A brief description of OF-Link Communications Limited production of fiber optic isolators

 Fiber Optic isolator allow only one-way light passes through, and its operating

principle is based on Faraday rotation of non-reciprocity. Echo reflected light through the fiber can be well isolated optical isolator. The main advantage of the optical isolator   magneto-optical Faraday effect transistor. Optical isolator features are: positive low insertion loss, high reverse isolation, high return loss. The optical isolator allows the light to one direction is prevented by the opposite direction by the passive components, the function is to limit the direction of the light, the light transmission in one direction only, the reflected return light passes through the fiber optical isolator can be good isolation and improve light transmission efficiency, optical isolator is characterized by high isolation, low insertion loss; high reliability, high stability; very low polarization dependent loss and polarization mode dispersion. Its role is to prevent the adverse effects of light and transmitted light generated by the optical system, e.g., between the semiconductor laser source and an optical transmission system is installed in the optical path due to various causes an optical isolator can largely reduce the adverse effects of reflected light on the stability of the light source spectral output power generated. In the high-speed direct modulation direct detection optical fiber communication systems, the transmission of the light will produce additional noise in the system performance degradation, which also requires an optical isolator to eliminate. Both ends of the fiber amplifier doped fiber isolator is mounted glazing can improve the stability of the optical fiber amplifier, without it, the reflected light enters the source (laser), causing severe fluctuation source. In coherent optical long-distance optical fiber communication systems, at some distance install an optical isolator can reduce the power loss caused by stimulated Brillouin scattering by. Thus, the optical isolator has an important role in optical fiber communication, optical information processing systems, and precision measuring optical fiber sensing system.

The main advantage of the Fiber optical isolator magneto-optical Faraday effect transistor. Faraday Faraday effect was first observed in 1845 is not optically active material in the magnetic field by rotating the polarization direction of light occurring substance, also known as magneto-optical effects. Polarized light transmitted along the magnetic field, whose direction of polarization rotation angle θ and the magnetic field strength B and the material is proportional to the length L of the product. Optical isolator works shown in Figure 1. For normal incident signal light, through a polarizer becomes the linearly polarized light, the Faraday rotating magnetic medium and the polarization direction of the external magnetic field with the right hand 45 of the signal light, and just make a low loss through the polarizer 45 placement of the analyzer. For the reverse light, a polarization analyzer after the placement of the media line deflection direction is right-rotated by 45 degrees, thereby reversing the direction of polarization of the light and the direction perpendicular to the polarizer, the reflected light is completely blocked transmission . Faraday magnetic media within 1μm ~ 2μm wavelength range usually low optical loss yttrium iron garnet (YIG) single crystal. New pigtail input and output optical isolator has a very good performance, the minimum insertion loss of about 0.5dB, isolation of 35 ~ 60dB, up to 70dB.

OF-Link Communications Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in optical passive components. We focus on providing high quality products with competitive quality and price of applications in optical fiber communication, fiber lasers and fiber-optic sensor. Main products have polarization maintaining (PM) fiber optic components, high power fiber laser components, high power fiber laser components, high power fiber laser components, high power fiber laser components, fused / filter fiber coupler, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, bandpass filter, fiber optical isolators and circulators, variable optical attenuator (VOA), fiber collimator, fiber distribution cables and so on. OF-LINK is located in Shenzhen, China, fiber optic components based on their business nine years of experience in; our production facilities have passed the ISO 9001:2008 certification, providing products comply with RoHS, IEC and Telcordia requirements. Our 100% visual and optical testing to ensure that all products meet international industry standards.

With optical manufacturing capabilities, testing services, global logistics and supply chain management, OF-LINK is ready to meet the special requirements of customers from around the world the full spectrum. Our customers are mainly manufacturers at the University of telecommunications, fiber lasers and fiber-optic sensors, and research institutes around the world. Due to the high demand for fiber optic networks and the development of a larger fiber optic products, in 2009, OF-LINK merged with Compass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Nantong City Chongchuan Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. This is a high-tech company who is engaged in the application of Beidou satellite and fiber-optic communications; OF-LINK participate in its optical parts, and solely responsible for the overseas market. We completed the production of one million units in line timing device 900 million units, “fiber optic connectors and 100 million units,” the PLC splitter annual building. The project was included in the major scientific and technological achievements into special funds for the project, and has broad prospects for the industry. OF-LINK idea is first to meet customer needs: quality and reliability assurance, timely delivery and reliability, to protect customers’ intellectual property (IP), efficient supply chain management, comprehensive and timely customer response system that allows its better serve the majority of consumers. Our company offers fiber optic isolators, quality assurance, affordable, hope there is a demand can come to purchase.


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