Those things on the optical isolator

The main advantage of optical isolator Faraday effect of magneto-optic crystal. Faraday Faraday effect was first observed in 1845 does not have the optically active material in the magnetic field by rotating the polarization direction of the light occurs the substance, also known as magneto-optical effects. Polarized along the transmission direction of the magnetic field, the optical isolator is a polarization rotation angle θ and the magnetic field strength B and the material is proportional to the length L of the product. For normal incident signal light, after the passage to become a linearly polarized light from the polarizer, the Faraday rotating magnetic medium, together with the external magnetic field so that the right-handed polarization direction of the signal light 45, and just make a low loss through a polariser 45 placement of the analyzer. For the reverse light of the analyzer when a linearly polarized light through the medium is placed, the deflection direction is right-rotated by 45 degrees so that the polarization direction of the light and the backward direction perpendicular to the polarizer, the reflected light is completely blocked transmission .

Optical isolator variety, including on-line optical isolator, free-space optical isolators, etc. We provide a variety of optical isolators, used to meet the needs of different applications. 1310/1480 / 1550nm polarization-independent optical isolator interior design of two single-mode fiber for craft orthogonal polarization states were treated to ensure the entire device is independent of the polarization characteristics. Unipolar devices with low insertion loss, two-stage device has a high optical isolation, suitable for different applications, mainly used in optical fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, fiber CATV networks, and satellite communications.

Faraday magnetic media within 1μm ~ 2μm wavelength range usually low optical loss yttrium iron garnet (YIG) single crystal. Novel pigtail input and output optical isolators have a fairly good performance, the minimum insertion loss of about 0.5dB, isolation of 35 ~ 60dB, up to 70dB. Usually the wavelength of the optical isolator to distinguish, 800-1300nm more, there are some specific wavelength.

An optical isolator is a passive optical components allows only unidirectional light through its working principle is based on Faraday rotation of non-reciprocity. Echo reflected light through the fiber can be well isolated optical isolators. The main advantage of optical isolator Faraday effect of magneto-optic crystal. Optical isolator features are: positive low insertion loss, high reverse isolation, high return loss. An optical isolator is blocked to allow the light to one direction and the opposite direction by the passive components, the role of limiting the direction of light, the light transmission in one direction only, the reflected return light passes through the optical fiber can be an optical isolator good isolation to improve the transmission efficiency of light.

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