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1050 1060 1064±50nm OCT Broadband Optical Isolators

  • Wavelength: or Custom Wavelength 1064nm 1053nm 1050nm
  • Handling Power: or Custom Handling Power 10W 5W 3W 2W 1W 500mW
  • Fiber Type: Polarization Maintaining (PM) Panda Fiber Single Mode Fiber
Product Details

OF-LINK's 1050 1060 1064±50nm OCT broadband Optical Isolators allow light to be transmitted only in the forward direction while blocking the backward transmittion. They are broadband operating with high isolation. The 1050 1060 1064±50nm wideband fiber optic isolators are commonly used to protect OCT light sources against back-reflected light. It's widely used in OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) systems. Single mode fiber and PM fibers are both available.


1050 1060 1064±50nm OCT Broadband Optical Isolators

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