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Polarization Beam Splitter Combiner 1380nm 1390nm

  • Wavelength: 1380nm 1390nm or Custom Wavelength
  • Handling Power: 500mW or Custom Handling Power
  • Fiber Type: Polarization Maintaining (PM) Panda Fiber Single Mode Fiber
Product Details

The 1380 1390 nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter is a micro-optic component designed to combine two orthogonal polarization signals into one single fiber, or, it can also be used to split orthogonal polarizations from a single input fiber (PM fiber or SM fiber) into two output PM fibers. It's widely used in EDFA or Raman Amplifier to enlarge pump power by combining two pump laser signals into a single ouput fiber. High Power handling is available upon request.
                                                    Low Insertion Loss              
                                                High Extinction Ratio              
                                                    High Reliabilty & Stability          
                                                    High Power available on request      
                                                    EDFA & Raman Amplifier          
                                                    Fiber Sensor                  
                                                    Combine or Split Orthogonal Polarizations
                                                    Test & Meaturement              
Performance Specification  
Parameter                     Value Unit
Center Wavelength               1380, 1390 or customized nm
Bandwidth                     ±10 nm
Configuration                    1X2        
Typ. Insertion Loss               0.5 dB
Max. Insertion Loss               0.7 dB
Min. Extinction Ratio (for splitter only)   22 dB
Min. Directivity                   50 dB
Min. Return Loss                 50 dB
Max. Optical Power (Continuous Wave)     500 (higher is available upon request)   mW
Max. Tensile Load               5 N
Fiber Type               PM Panda Fiber on Port 1 & Port 2  
              PM Panda Fiber or SMF-28e Fiber on Port 3  
Operating Temperature             -5 to +65
Storage Temperature              -40 to +85
Package Dimension               Φ5.5×L35 mm
*  For devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower and ER will be 2dB lower.
*  The PM fiber and the connector key are aligned to the slow axis. 
*  For high power apllications, please contact us to confirm details.
Ordering Information  
AAAA           BB                     C             DD             EE      
Wavelength   Fiber Type on Port 3       Fiber Jacket     Fiber Length       Connector
1380 - 1380nm       SM - SMF-28e Fiber   B - 250um Bare   05 - 0.5m       NE - None
1390 - 1390nm       P1 - PM Panda Fiber,   Fiber   08 - 0.8m       FA - FC/APC
SSSS - Specify       Slow Axis Aligned 45° to Port 1   L - 900um Loose   10 - 1.0m       FP - FC/PC
                P2 - PM Panda Fiber,   Tube   15 - 1.5m       SA - SC/APC
                Slow Axis Aligned to Port 1                 SS - Specify       SP - SC/PC
                SS - Specify                                         LA-  LC/APC
                                                                      LP - LC/PC
                                                              SS - Specify

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